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Salazar Tornero
Carlos Osmar

Salazar Tornero

Carlos Osmar

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About Me

I was born in Bolivia in 1990, I finished high school when I was 17 years old. Afterwards, I studied five years of Environmental Engineering with a postgraduate course in renewable energies. However I wasn’t feeling totally happy with my profession. Therefore my last year in engineering was, at the same time, my first year studying fine arts in the “National Academy of Fine Arts Hernando Siles” in Bolivia.
For two and a half years I studied there in order to have the technical formation to postulate to an animation school in France. I was accepted and here I am studying in the third year of 3D animation and VFX at MOPA (Supinfocom Arles).

Some Influence

William Bouguereau, Jules Dalou, M.C. Escher, Goltzius, Schiele, Beksinski, Giger, Perez Alcalá, Courbet, Schongauer, Moebius, Arofonoski, Miyazaki, Chomet, Elena Vizerkaya, Phased, Agnes Cecile, Chiara Bautista, Shimoda, Gottfriend Helnwein, Mortensen, Endressen, Hase, Uzuchukwu; and many more.


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